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Losing weight naturally - Part 2 - Weight loss & maintenance programme
Why am I overweight?
Have a life and lose weight

It is important you are mentally prepared to lose weight. It is difficult to lose weight if you are not motivated for successful results.

Consultants Stage 1 - Preparation
In the complete privacy of our clinic, during your initial FREE consultation a medical questionnaire and personal assessment are completed and a programme is then tailored especially for you. All lifestyles and eating plans are catered for and there is a plan suitable just for you!

Stage 2 - Losing Weight
Weekly private consultations monitor your progress and motivation levels. You will have constant support, especially at times when you feel discouraged. New ideas, tips and minor programme changes will ensure you continue progressing towards your goal. A wider range of foods are introduced as you begin your new Healthy Living lifestyle.

Measuring Stage 3 - Maintenance - living at last!
This is the most critical stage. After being 'so good for so long' and having achieved your goal weight, some are tempted to reward themselves for their achievements.. this can damage the excellent results attained. A smooth transition to your Healthy Living lifestyle is essential and we coach you in all aspects of lifelong weight maintenance. When you combine good eating habits with moderate exercise and our natural herbal formulations.. success is yours!







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