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Why am I overweight?
Have a life and lose weight

You will find The Natural Way can provide you with the results you need due to our comprehensive and unique holistic approach to managing weight loss.

The Natural Way is a complete weight management system that includes our branded products, our extensive range of individual eating plans and menus delivered to you by professionally trained consultants in the privacy of the clinic consulting room.

These four elements all work together (in a holistic way) to support your weight loss goals and eventual weight maintenance. The removal of any one of these pillars makes the process less stable and less likely to succeed (see diagram at end of section).

Consultant with client Pillar 1 - Consultant
Your consultant has been professionally trained in the understanding of weight gain and weight loss. She/he knows that no two people are identical and therefore no two programmes are identical.

She/he will work with you to tailor a personal programme that will include The Natural Way's range of natural herbal, vitamin and mineral formulations, and select an eating plan to suit you.

Each week she/he will monitor your progress during your private consultation and motivate you all the way to your goal weight. Go here for consultant comments.


Healthy LivingPillar 2 - Healthy Living programme
Successful permanent weight loss is easily achievable only through unlearning old habits and then learning and relearning nature's perfect ways for our bodies.

The Natural Way's unique Healthy Living programme (all its resources and weekly coaching) aim to do this easily and in a fun-filled way. By following the programme diligently, you will learn practical tips relevant to your lifestyle.

Your consultant meets with you personally each week to facilitate your understanding of the programme as you learn skills to successfully manage your weight for life.





Eating plansPillar 3 - Eating plans
The Natural Way has an extensive range of eating plans based on a variety of principles for weight loss. Taking into consideration your personal lifestyle, habits and preferences, your consultant will assist you in selecting an eating plan to suit you.

He/She will also recommend periodic changes to keep you interested and motivated.

There are no pre-packaged foods or meal replacements, so there will be plenty of opportunity to plan your shopping to fit in with your budget and get your whole family involved too, if you choose.





Natural FormulationsPillar 4 - Natural Formulations
The Natural Way formulations are a natural blend of vitamins, minerals and/or herbs. All formulations in The Natural Way range are, proudly Australian owned and manufactured in Australia or New Zealand.

The Natural Way has both weight loss and health care formulations. A selection of some of the formulation's therapeutic properties include:

  • Green Caps - Assists stamina and general endurance, best used in times of physical exertion.
  • Formulation Vitamin E Plus - May be used in cases of Vitamin E deficiency. May assist in blood circulation.
  • Endocrave - Chromium is an essential mineral for optimum health. May assist with chromium deficiency
  • Formula EP - May assist in the relief of menstrual symptoms.
  • B+ Zinc & Passiflora - Helps relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety. Beneficial for use in Vitamin B1 & B6 deficiency state. Passiflora assists with stress and nervous tension
  • Formulation C-C - Calcium supplements can be of assistance only if the dietary intake is inadequate
  • Formulation A+ - May be used to assist in the distribution and assimilation of fats in the digestive system.
  • Formulation C-1000 - Assists with Vitamin C deficiency. May assist in the treatment of colds and flus by decreasing the severity and duration of symptoms.

During your first appointment, your consultant will discuss your personal weight loss and health care needs and recommend a selection of our proven, exclusive formulations to suit you.


It is important to note that The Natural Way's Program is not a diet. It is a holistic approach to help you gain the knowledge and skills to live a healthy, balanced life at the same time managing and controlling your weight for life.

Whether you want to lose a little or a lot, The Natural Way is about balancing the essential components for weight loss success: a healthy relationship with food, an active lifestyle and a balanced approach to living - all of which is available from our Healthy Living programme.

Our graphic illustration of our holistic four pillars approach to weight management.

The four pillars

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