5 Tips to Weight Control over Christmas

I often say to my clients that over Christmas, they should not expect to lose weight BUT they should not gain any weight either…the mantra is ‘Aim to Maintain’.  However, it is not impossible to lose weight during Christmas, particularly if you follow the advice below:

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Christmas Weight Loss Tip #1 – Always Eat Breakfast

If you don’t eat all day and then attend a party or dinner, you’re much more likely to overdo it because you are starving.  Instead, start each day with a healthy breakfast that includes some protein and fibre: a piece of soy & linseed toast with egg and a serve of fruit is perfect.  Protein and fibre breakfast combination keeps you satisfied for longer – which means less chance of pigging out later.

Christmas Weight Loss Tip #2 – Christmas is Only One Day

Enjoy all the delights of Christmas on the big day – in moderation – but get back on track Boxing Day. If you are on holidays, just stick with cold meats, salads, stone fruits and daily exercise to minimize the damage on the scales.

Christmas Weight Loss Tip #3 – Water Down Alcohol

If you drink to excess at all your Christmas parties, you really are adding a LOT of calories to your daily intake.  Make a commitment that you will drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume at a party.  This will help you avoid drinking too much & drinking too many liquid calories.  Better still, halve your alcohol (and calorie!) consumption by diluting your alcohol i.e. half nip of spirits with soda or just wine & soda spritzers.

Christmas Weight Loss Tip #4 – Get Active

If you have some well-deserved R&R over the Christmas period, commit to exercising every day with all your spare time – go out and enjoy this gorgeous Summer weather.  It’s even better if you can get the family involved too.  Walk with your kids to the park everyday or start a ritual of going for a family walk after dinner.  Who wants to sit at home and watch bad TV anyway?

Christmas Weight Loss Tip #5 – Big Eyes, Little Stomach

Avoid creating a mountain of food on your plate just because it’s ‘there’.  More often than not, your eyes are bigger than your stomach and if you eat a plateful of rich food you will feel bad later.  Instead, take only half as much food as you think you will be able to eat or even just take one small spoonful of each dish you want to try.

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Have a peaceful Christmas.

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