The Natural Way Weight Loss Program provides the perfect solution due to our comprehensive and unique holistic approach to managing weight loss. As we have been helping people lose weight since 1979, The Natural Way knows that losing weight is not just about ‘going on a diet’.  We combine the principles of sound nutrition, the motivation of private consultations and the effect of long term behaviour modification to offer the most complete approach to weight management available today.

You will lose weight sensibly, under guidance from your professionally trained consultant. Your consultant will ‘taper’ your program towards a natural way of living and eating that you can continue forever!  That is why we are The Natural Way.

We do not supply pre-packaged meals or hold group sessions – we appreciate that these may not suit everybody’s needs. Instead, you will enjoy your program at The Natural way because…

The consultations are private

The eating plans are individually tailored, interchangeable and easy to follow

Amazing health benefits through the use of our unique prescribed natural herbal and vitamin formulations

You will feel supported and encouraged

By following the recommended program, you will lose weight effectively and safely

The success of our clients speaks for itself… you too can become another successful The Natural Way client, call your nearest clinic today and book an obligation-free appointment. Our equally effective online – ‘At Home’ programme delivers the same consulting service via Skype, email and phone contact.

The Natural Way has more than 40 years experience in weight loss with clinics and stockists currently operating across Australia.

The Natural Way Healthy Living is unlike any other weight loss programme as it is designed for permanent weight management. The combination of education, sound nutritional advice and weekly motivation from your consultant will help you acquire the skills necessary to achieve long-term behavioural change.

Life-long weight management can be achieved with The Natural Way’s:

  • Private, professional consultations with weight loss experts
  • Individual eating plans, based on sound nutritional principles
  • Weekly support, motivation and coaching
  • Quick and effective results
  • No contracts or joining fees
  • Healthy Living education to achieve permanent weight loss
  • Exclusive, natural vitamin, mineral and herbal formulations

Weight Loss – Lets conquer this!