Australia: a Nation of Overweight, Sad Drinkers

A recent international survey, conducted by insurance company BUPA, reported some disturbing information about the average Australian and their perception on the way they look.  It seems Australians are ranked number one in the world for denial!

 Of the 1200 Australians interviewed, one-third admitted that they were overweight however BMI calculations actually showed that 60% were in the unhealthy weight range.  Of the 12 countries that were surveyed by BUPA, Australia recorded the highest rate of self-deception in regard their body image.   So do Australians really think ‘she’ll be right mate’ when it comes to their expanding waistlines? 

In regard to being overweight, Australia tied with Britain in third spot for being the most overweight country (USA and Saudi Arabia were first and second).

Perhaps our weight woes are due to our poor diet:  only just over one quarter of the Australian respondents ate the recommended serves of fruit and vegetables every day.  So that means that three-quarters of Australians are not eating a healthy diet!  Amazing really, considering we are fortunate enough to have an abundant supply of a wide range of fruits and vegetables. 

That’s not the only contributor to our weight problem – results from the survey also show that we are having an ever increasing dependence on drinking.  Over three-quarters of respondents said they drank alcohol, which puts us second behind Britain for being the biggest drinkers in the world.  Not a statistic to be proud of when you consider the health, weight and social problems that excess alcohol consumption can create. 

Finally – more bad news – we are not faring well emotionally either.  Of all 12 countries surveyed, we were ranked number one for those suffering with depression, with 20% of respondents saying this is a current health problem for them  (China, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia were next at 16%).   Overall, this survey paints a sad picture of the average Aussie:  what ever happened to our bronzed, fit, ‘no worries mate’ Aussie?  According to this survey, Australians all let us (have little to) rejoice.

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