Australia’s Heaviest Man Vows to Lose Weight

Let’s face it – being overweight certainly limits your ability to ‘live life to the fullest’.  For example, an overweight person is sometimes self-conscious about showing their body which means activities like swimming & joining your kids at the beach are out of the question.  But imagine being four times the size of the ‘average’ Australian male?  Meet West Australian Ulu Tuipolotu who is only 26 years old and weighs almost 340kg.

150116 Ulu

Ulu knows that he needs to lose weight to save his life and it seems he has tried all types of diets in the past (see article here:  Now it seems that he is turning to hypnosis to stop his addiction to food.

Ulu is literally staring down the barrel of a gun.  There are enough scientific studies that prove if you are obese, you are at a much greater risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, certain kinds of cancers, arthritis…the list goes on.  And it’s not only the health issues associated with being overweight:  having low energy levels, poor self-esteem, a feeling of ‘missing out’ on activities other people can participate in are all common ‘side effects’ of being heavier.  Really, being overweight can deprive you of having the life you really want – and we hope that Ulu is successful with his weight loss.

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