Children Using Diet Shakes on the Rise

Having children is the biggest life-long responsibility you will ever have.  When you consider that you ‘mould’ your children’s development – in terms of their behaviour, manners and personality – then it is important that you are always a good role model for them. 

Equally as important is the example you set for your children with your eating habits.  Unfortunately, with the rising rate of obesity in Australia, children are being exposed to their overweight parents’ following unhealthy ‘fad’ diets and, as a result, kids as young as 7 are swapping their real food for diet shakes (see article here: ).

It's important for children to have a healthy relationship with food
It’s important for children to have a healthy relationship with food

This is disturbing on many levels – for starters, diet shakes are nutritionally deficient in so many important vitamins and minerals.  Growing children run risk of becoming malnourished due to the poor quantity of vital nutrients in these powdered shakes.

The other major problem is that some children are developing eating disorders due to use of these diet shakes.  Unfortunately, observing parents who are on a ‘diet’ (and are using shakes) can affect the psyche of vulnerable children.  Not wanting to be ‘fat’, kids may substitute meals for diet shakes and then go on to develop anorexia & binge eating behavior.

The blunt truth is that parents must take the lead when it comes to what children put in their mouths, especially if they want them to grow up having a good relationship with food.  Parents who have weight concerns need to give the fad diets a flick, and set a good example to their family by eating healthy foods to lose unwanted kilograms.

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