How To Overcome Your Bad Food Choice

There is nothing worse than having a plan to eat healthy all day and then, at morning tea, someone in the office is having a birthday.  Next thing you know, you find yourself enjoying a piece of birthday cake…so much for your good intentions.  While you may not have anticipated eating the cake, it is certainly not the end of the world.  This week , we will examine how best to deal with the ‘aftermath’ of a making a bad food choice.






First things first:  do not let one bad ‘slip-up’ become a reason to have a bad food day.  For example, you may go out for breakfast and think ‘oh well, this is a treat, I am just going to have whatever I want’.  While 2 lattes and a full breakfast may not have been the best choice, this should be the ONLY bad food choice you make for the day.  Too many times I see clients who say, ‘ I had a piece of cake for morning tea so I may as well eat whatever I want for the rest of the day and start again tomorrow’.  Suddenly they are feasting like it’s Christmas Day, with the vow to go back to being ‘good’ tomorrow.  NOOOOOO!  One bad meal won’t kill your results, but a bad day puts you back a week.  And one ‘bad’ day a week is going to have a huge negative impact your results.

If you do eat something ‘bad’ – savour it.  Don’t scoff it down because you are so wracked with guilt about eating it.  Enjoy it but also acknowledge that you won’t be doing that again for a very long time.

Do not get on the scales at home after you have eaten something bad! It can be very demotivating as you can put on up to 2kg (depending on what you ate and how much).  Your body is simply bloated as it is not used to eating rich, sugary foods:  it is not as if you have had an ‘instant’ fat gain after one slice of cake.

The best way to manage the fallout from your bad food choice is to drink plenty of water (to ensure you ‘flush’ the ‘bad’ food through your digestive tract), do some exercise that day  and stick 100% to your  eating plan for at least the next 3 days!

Eating healthy should not be an ‘all or nothing’ thing:  you don’t need to be on a constant diet to stay healthy, instead you should be adopting a lifestyle choice to always eat well (with the occasional treat to keep you sane).  The Natural Way is not a ‘quick fix’- we are dedicated to educating clients and creating a weight loss programme that incorporates your current lifestyle with new healthier choices.  Our clients learn to cook new meals that the whole family can enjoy using fresh food and adding an appropriate level of exercise to your day.  This is far more successful for long term weight management.

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