Why You Need to Eat to Lose Weight

I had a client today that had spent a few days not eating very much food due to her son being ill.  Now you would think that missing meals would mean a greater weight loss for her but (much to her disappointment), she jumped on the scales and gained 900g….seriously!  So she was upset so we talked about why not eating enough can make you gain weight:  and I thought it might be best to share it with all of you!


There are so many ‘fad’ diets around that involve cutting calories to a level that is so low that your body is ‘starving’. Restricting calories too severely almost always backfires and that’s because your body actually needs  calories to burn calories.  It’s a lot like when you want to light a fire. You need to throw kindling in the fire not only to ignite it but also keep it burning.


As this is exactly what food is!  Think of it as your body’s kindling:  it boosts your metabolism which makes your weight loss possible. When you’re eating enough, the body first uses food for fuel, then turns to the fat it’s been holding onto for energy.  But if you restrict calories too severely, your body goes into “starvation mode,” and starts to break down lean muscle tissue to reserve its energy stores. Ultimately, this can slow your metabolism, making it tougher to lose weight.


While calorie needs differ based on activity level, goals, and gender, most women should consume at least 1,200 to 1,500 calories daily. Once you dip below that number, it becomes difficult for the body to perform basic biological functions that keep us healthy.


Plus, it’s hard to stick to a super low-calorie diet. Not eating enough for breakfast, for example, will leave you famished, making it harder to resist temptation later in the day… which means your diet is doomed to fail!


If you want to lose weight eating REAL food while learning healthy habits that will ensure you keep your weight off, you need to ditch the starvation diets and call The Natural Way on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663).  We have a variety of eating plans that suits your tastes and guarantee that even the biggest appetite can be satisfied while you lose weight.

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