Overweight People Trapped in a Negative Vicious Cycle

Imagine what it would be like to be judged negatively every single day?  It wouldn’t be very nice would it?  Well, according to the latest study results, released by the University of New South Wales, most overweight and obese people are caught in a negative vicious cycle that is so de-motivating, it discourages them from losing weight to improve their health.

The study was conducted by psychologist Dr Lenny Vartanian, who conducted the recent study on 46 people overweight or obese people in Sydney.  He found that of these 46 people, most experienced negative treatment – related to their size – on a daily basis, including being laughed at or having a doctor blame an unrelated problem on their size.  What’s more, while strangers were amongst the perpetrators, friends, relatives and partners of overweight / obese people were the main offenders when dishing out criticism related to their weight.


While it seems that people may think that being ‘cruel to be kind’ is the best approach in motivating a loved one to lose weight, Dr Vartanian found that the exact opposite is true.  Negative comments and criticism – both by strangers and those known to the subjects in question – promotes low self-esteem and depression, and make people feel less motivated to diet and more likely to binge eat.  Read more information here:


The media does not seem to help either – glossy magazines with glamorous (photo-shopped) models on the covers and in television advertising promotes the ‘body beautiful’ ideal which, in turn, makes overweight and obese people feel more self-conscious about their less than perfect body.

At The Natural Way, we support our clients’ weight loss journey in a private, professional and non-judgemental environment.  We know that our clients may feel ‘vindicated’ by their size at times, and as a result, we don’t criticise our precious clients:  instead we spend quality time, during the weekly one-on-one private consultation, nurturing, motivating and celebrating success each time a client achieves their goals (be it achieving their goal weight or mini-ones we may make along the way).  We want to walk your weight loss journey with you – and encourage you every step of the way.

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