3 Week – ‘Immune Booster’ Pack


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Formulation C-1000 (Temporarily out of Stock)

Replacement item: Vit C Cal Gold

A natural antioxidant, Vitamin C helps remove damaging molecules (free radicals) we ingest and inhale every day from pollutants, chemicals, and additives and which can lead to serious cell damage and illness.

Vitamin C helps strengthen our immune system to fight colds and ‘flu’, assists calcium absorption to limit osteoporosis and aids in wound and burns healing. It is also being studied for use in the treatment of immune system disorders.  We cannot store Vitamin C, so must replenish our supply daily. By aiding in the improvement of thyroid function, pure Vitamin C may help to boost metabolic rate.

60 tablets per container

Recommended dosage:

Immune Booster dosage: 2 x  Vit C caps per day


Formulation D

An essential part of our colds and ‘flu prevention programme, with the onset of the colder weather. Formulation D is a superbly balanced combination of herbs to help boost our body’s ability to overcome the effects of stress, pollution, fatigue and weakness.  Golden Seal & Echinacea may improve immune system response to infection; Golden Seal aids calming of reflux, indigestion and bloating and is often used by herbalists after meals.  Buchu & Senna gently help to cleanse and tone the kidneys and bowel, Chelidonium & Rhubarb benefit liver and gall bladder action and of course, Ginseng is a wonderful body tonic.

21 capsules per container

Recommended dosage:

COVID 19 Immune Booster dosage: 3 x D caps per day


3 Week Supply Pack contains:

1 x Form C-1000 (Out of Stock)

1 x Vit C Cal Gold (replacement item)

3 x  Form D

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