Ruth is Back on the Weight Loss Treadmill…

Last night, A Current Affair aired a story about Ruth Almeida De Campos:  Ruth was one of the ‘original’ slimmers on Channel 10’s ‘The Biggest Loser’, and had a starting weight on the show of around 155kg.  She successfully lost 20kg on the show before she was evicted…but of course, she took with her all the dietary and exercise advice she learned inside ‘The Biggest Loser’ house and was determined to continue her weight loss journey on the ‘outside.’

Ruth after her first weigh in on 'The Biggest Loser' in 2006

Well, it seems on the outside, Ruth has had little success continuing her journey.  Fast forward five years and Ruth is bigger than ever tipping the scales at 181.1kgShe has realised that she needs to get this weight off if she wants to see her children grow up and has now turned to fellow contestant Adro Sardinelli (owner of a health retreat in Victoria) to get her back on track (click on link to view the story : ).

So why has Ruth gained all of her weight?  Surely ‘The Biggest Loser’ would have taught her everything she needed to know about weight loss and maintenance?  Unfortunately, reality TV weight loss shows are more concerned with ratings than the long term success of their contestants, which is why a majority of them end up back at square one (just like Ruth).

The Natural Way is not about short term results – we offer weight loss programs that allow our clients to eat real food that is delicious, easy-to-prepare and can be enjoyed by the whole family.  More importantly, our Healthy Living program is designed to teach you about the necessary lifestyle adjustments you may need to make in order to keep your weight off successfully.  Once you are at your goal, we welcome you back for FREE maintenance visits because WE CARE that you lose weight and keep it off FOREVER.

So get off the ‘diet’ treadmill and achieve long term success with The Natural Way.  Call your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (754663) today to find out how to get the body you have always wanted.

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6 thoughts on “Ruth is Back on the Weight Loss Treadmill…”

  1. Oh how typical and sad that this is where Ruth is now; if only Ruth had sought good advice in the first place but unfortunately there is so much mis-information around about weight loss that people get caught up in the ‘quick fix’ or notoriety of being on television thinking this is the solution. The tried and proven weight loss program The Natural Way offers gives good advice right from the start and you will know how to maintain the loss for the long term. Maintaining the weight loss by regularly weighing in and checking ensures success…

    1. Hi there. Ruth is doing an amazing job at The New Me weightloss retreat, and yes you are correct, there was little education on the tv side of things, and little support. She has lost 10.2kgs in 2 weeks, looking fantastic and feeling like shes in a great position to make the changes again, and never look back! Its all about setting Ruth and all the other New Me guests to continue at home with confidence and a new found love of a healthy life. Check out Cheers Adro Sarnelli

  2. Ruth Almeida de Campos

    I am totally blown away by the number of articles about me and what I did or did not do, how I regained my weight, my thoughts and experiences yet not one of these articles has any fact in it other than what a TV article chose to air. I have a story one that probably willnever be told as no one is really interested other than to the girl who blames loser for her weight gain, which by the way I never did I merely made a comment on the sort of follow up offered which was then edited into a great story about something else. Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel..ruth

    1. Hi Ruth, I understand how frustrated you must be as my blog was simply based on the story that was aired on A Current Affair (which did exactly as you say). However, I am glad that you are working with Adro to get to your dream ‘size’, and hope that you achieve your weight loss goal. Please let us know how you are progressing. SUE

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