‘Scary’ New Celebrity Client for Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig have recently announced that Mel B aka 'Scary' Spice is their new 'celebrity' client.

 Jenny Craig has done it again!  Despite a history of ‘not so successful’ high profile weight loss clients, Jenny Craig has recently signed a new (non-Australian!) ‘celebrity’ slimmer:  Mel B (aka Scary Spice) is the next weight loss ‘face’ of Jenny Craig.  Mel is a new mum, and has around 15kg to lose to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight.   Naturally, the incentive of earning a tidy sum of money, should get Mel to her goal….but will she keep the weight off once she goes back to ‘normal’ food?  Only time will tell, however, history shows us that it isn’t so easy – Magda Subanzki, Jenny Craig’s previous high profile weight loss client, has been photographed with most of her lost weight regained.

Let’s face it – celebrity or non-celebrity, who wouldn’t love to be paid to lose their excess kilograms?   At The Natural Way we do not have ‘celebrity’ clients:  just real people who get real weight loss results.  Take our 2011 Slimmer of the Year runner up Vicki Appleton from Rothwell, Queensland.

Vicki has lost just over 36 kg and, as a mother of two growing boys, is certainly worthy of the title ‘Yummy Mummy’.  Vicki, aged 34, decided to lose weight in 2010 when her brother announced he was getting married.

Vicki Appleton before, weighing 105kg
Vicki now, after losing 36.4kg
“The thought of trying to select a wedding outfit that would disguise my size made me determined to shed some kilos”, says Vicki.  “Having tried and failed so many different diets, I saw my aunt achieve great results with The Natural Way, so mum and I decided to do the program together”.

Since the day Vicki started she has not looked back.  By the time Vicki’s brother was married, she had lost 18kg but saw this as a half way point so decided to continue on her weight loss journey until she got to her goal weight.    

Vicki says, “I now enjoy participating in so many activities with no more sitting on the sidelines.  I love clothes shopping, have regained my self confidence and best of all, my youngest son commented that he is now able to put his arms around me and give me a real hug.  Thank you The Natural Way for giving me my life back.”

Vicki’s consultant, Cynthia Wood is thrilled at her fantastic result and speaks highly of the dedication that Vicki has shown to get to her goal. 

“From the very first day on the program, Vicki was 100% committed to both losing her weight and keeping it off.  At 105kgs (Vicki’s start weight), Vicki was gorgeous and now at 68kg she is absolutely stunning.”

If you have REAL weight to lose, then The Natural Way can offer you a REAL program that we can tailor to fit in with your lifestyle.  No pre-packaged, special meals – your whole family can enjoy the delicious meals made from ordinary supermarket bought ingredients.  To find out more about our program, call The Natural Way on 1300 SLIMMER (754663) and book your FREE appointment to talk to one of our experienced consultants about your weight loss dreams.  We know we can help you to get back the body you want!

Check our website at:  https://thenaturalway.com.au

2 thoughts on “‘Scary’ New Celebrity Client for Jenny Craig”

  1. Absolutely couldn’t agree more, Sue.
    it is like the old saying “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for a life time” The same applies to good healthy eating. By understanding how to make healthy meals (which is very easy) means that you are able to make the right choices, as in the end it all comes down to the choices we make in the long term.

  2. Fantastic weight loss by Vicki Appelton – and boy, does Mel B live up to her name – Scary. How many more celebrity failures will we see churn through Jenny Craig, all just focussed on the celebrity $$ they earn, and not really interested in healthy, natural weight loss.

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