The 3 Worst Weight Loss Myths

If you have vowed to lose weight this year, I hope that you have already seen some success on the scales.  If you haven’t lost any yet, it may just be because you are sabotaging your own results.  How?  It simply is due to wrong information!  There has been so much written about dieting and weight loss over the years and the more you read, the more confused you can become.  In our blog this week, we are going to ‘put to bed’ some weight loss myths that may actually be making you put ON weight rather than losing it.

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Myth #1:  As long as you exercise, you don’t have to watch what you eat:  If only that were true!  Unfortunately, it is not the case.  Exercise does not give you the green light to eat lollies and cake all day.  Exercise will simply help to burn up excess calories quicker, but this goes out the window if you reward yourself with a bowl of ice-cream post workout.  Eating healthily and exercising regularly is the key to optimum weight loss:  but exercise alone with no change to your diet will actually see you gain weight.

 Myth #2:  Drink diet soft drink instead of full sugar alternatives:  Diet soft drink is certainly lower in calories that ‘normal’ varieties.  However, the problem with artificial sweeteners is that they are just as addictive as regular ones.  The super-sweet taste that artificial sweeteners provide actually activates the sweet taste receptors in your brain, making you crave for sweets even more.  Also, the chemical cocktail that is an ‘artificial’ sweetener simply increases the toxic load in your body (which puts your liver under more strain).  You are much better off just drinking plain water, as this quenches your thirst and can suppress your appetite too.

 Myth #3:  Skip meals to lose weight quicker:  This sounds like it should work…but it doesn’t!  Your body is too smart to be tricked into losing weight when you are ‘starving’.  If you don’t eat, it stores fat to use for energy later, which makes losing weight impossible.  So if you want to lose weight, you are much better off eating small meals more often to ensure you are burning up the calories you are consuming.

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