Toni Wins National Slimming Competition

How do you think it would feel to lose almost 62kg?  Ask Toni Hodgson who has just taken the top prize in this year’s Slimmer of the Year Awards. 

You may remember Toni from a previous blog, but I thought it was a good idea to re-acquaint you with just how amazing her results are! Check out the before and after shots below:

Toni at her before weight of 137.4kg
Toni after losing 61.8kg










Toni, aged 55, lost her weight in only 66 weeks which is an incredible effort.  She had tried so many diets in the past (only to put on more and more weight with each failed attempt) and knew that she couldn’t put off losing weight any longer.

 Toni says, “I knew I had to do this for me, my husband and my grandchildren.  When I joined The Natural Way, I weighed an embarrassing 137.4kg and just I burst into tears”.

 Since the day Toni started she has not looked back.  In fact, the 61.8kg she has lost is equivalent of what her daughter actually weighs and while she has lost a lot of weight,  she is still losing and determined to reach her goal weight.    

Toni says, “I feel wonderful – my daughter and I wear the same sized clothing now which was unimagineable 12 months ago.  I can happily play with my grandchildren due to the extra energy that I now have lots of.  My loss of weight definitely equates to my increase in confidence”.

Toni has won $5000 in gold (or cash equivalent) and will be guest of honour at her prize winning ceremony!  Well done Toni, fantastic work!  If you want to see the other finalists of our Slimmer of the Year competition, please look at this website:

You too can be just as successful as Toni in reaching your goal weight – The Natural Way is here to help!  Call us on 1300SLIMMER (754663) today and make a free appointment to find out more about our program and how we can make your dream body a reality!

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