Wee is the Weight Loss Secret for This British Dad

Don't drink urine...stick to orange juice

Psst…I have to let you in on a wee secret (pardon the pun).  You see, I stumbled across an article recently about a man who has apparently found the secret to successful weight loss :  drinking your own urine (click on the link to read more:  https://www.essexlive.news/meet-the-basildon-man-who-drinks-and-bathes-in-his-own-urine/story-30324162-detail/story.html )

If you read the article above, you will see that that wee-drinking advocate Dave Murphy claims to have lost 8 stone (around 50kg), since he started drinking 2 glasses of his own urine in 2011.  I thought this was quite an amazing effort myself – hey, maybe urine is the ‘miracle’ weight loss solution – except when you read the complete article, you will see that most days he only drinks the two glasses of urine and eats one grapefruit.  Well, of course you are going to lose weight!  Given that urine would only have negligible calories and a large grapefruit has around 65 calories, he is seriously starving himself!  Can someone give this man a burger pronto!

Here is an example of yet another bizarre extreme that people will go to in order to lose weight – I mean, do you remember when people used to wrap themselves in plastic (or garbage bags) so their fat could ‘melt’ off?  Or ingesting a tapeworm so it can take up residence in your intestine and ‘rob’ your body most of the nutrients you need?  Just ridiculous

There are so many weight loss fads that come and go (I seriously think drinking urine will not catch on though– so gross!), but let’s face it:  the secret to losing weight is changing your lifestyle.  The Natural Way happens to be the experts in guiding their clients to a healthier life.  We do this by examining your current lifestyle & eating habits and modifying them so you can lose weight.  There are no pre-packaged meals / shakes or any other ‘faddish’ techniques involved.  Just caring consultants guiding you to your goal and bringing your body back into balance via our range of all natural formulations.  Best of all, we teach you how to keep your weight off, so you know exactly how to keep your weight off!  Say goodbye to the yo-yo and hello to your new permanently slim body!

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