When is the Best Time to Exercise

Exercise:  we all know that it can help you to achieve your weight loss goals much quicker, but there has long been debate about WHEN is the best time to exercise.   This week, we want to help you decide by weighing up the pros and cons of each option.

Nothing like a run at sunrise to make you feel awake!
Nothing like a run at sunrise to make you feel awake!








If jumping out of bed to exercise before work is your style, you may find much more success in actually ‘fitting in’ all the sessions you want over the course of the week.   This is because mornings are the time when people have the least amount of obligations and / or interruptions which may  prevent them from getting their workout in.  How many times have your best laid plans to exercise in the afternoon been disrupted by unexpected delays?  Unfortunately, it happens.  Also, if you exercise in the morning, you are really giving your metabolism a big ‘kick start’ for the day.  This is great as it makes your ability to burn the calories from the food you eat throughout the day much more efficient.  Finally, if you exercise on an empty stomach in the morning, you are far more likely to burn stored fat rather than calories from the meal you just ate a few hours before:  but you must have breakfast after your workout, otherwise you will ‘hit the wall’ by mid-morning.


Afternoon workouts are a great way to ‘cut off’ from your workday i.e that is, once you leave work you can focus on your exercise session (which tends to help you forget your day).  This can actually help you to burn fat more effectively, particularly if you had a tough day in the office.  You see, when you are stressed, you produce the stress-response hormone cortisol.  Unfortunately, high levels of cortisol means that you store more belly fat (eek).  So hitting the gym at the end of the day helps to ‘burn up’ cortisol very quickly!  Better still, if you have a particularly hard workout, your brain will produce mood-enhancing endorphins:  these are responsible for that ‘natural high’ you get after exercise.

So what is better – exercise in the morning or at night?  While both have their advantages, the most important factor in creating an exercise routine that results in weight loss is finding times to sweat that best fit into your personal schedule.   The best time for you to work out is when you feel the best physically and mentally.  So if you are not a ‘morning’ person, don’t push yourself to train in the morning:  you will hate it and this just creates more stress that your body doesn’t need.

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